How To Manage My Credit Card

7 steps on how to manage my credit card properly


How To Manage My Credit Card
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Of course! You may have asked at one time, “how to manage my credit card properly?” It’s nothing difficult. You should expect a great result as long as you follow the seven instructions below. Check out the following to get on with it.  

  • Study the clauses, and conditions guiding the use of card
  • Don’t rush to make large purchases early! Start little by little 
  • Be conscious of the maximum value to spend
  • Pay above your lower limits balances 
  • Always keep up with paying your bills on time
  • Control to the barest minimum your credit utilization
  • Observe how you use your credit card per billing cycle 

We’d take you through a detailed analysis of each point above, one after the other. Hence, you can boast about how to manage my credit card properly. At the same time, you benefit from all bonuses and gifts that proceed from owning a fantastic credit card.

How to manage my credit card properly

1. Study the clauses, and conditions guiding the use of card

Study Terms And Conditions
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While registering for another credit card account, see that you thoroughly go over the user’s clause and conditions relevant to the credit card use.

After reading, you’d be familiar with the detailed conditions on interests, deadlines, annual percentage rate, and charges applied to credit card use. Like that, you have a better understanding of credit use.

2. Don’t rush to make large purchases early! Start little by little  

It’s your first time opening a credit card account; consider this: Don’t rush to make large purchases early! Start little by little. Before you know it, you’re there.

The strategy here is, “don’t buy things of a large amount with the card yet, particularly when you start to use the card. Preferably, single out just a specific item to utilize the card for and complete the payment of that bill first monthly.  

An instance could be just one membership fee or mini invoice you’re used to paying beforehand. It may be a programmed app to cover your gymnasium subscription fee every month or telephone expenses.       

The logic is to maintain a low bill to settle the expenses without struggle, and you don’t stretch beyond the extra time allowed to pay the bills. Like that, you can’t be a victim of any predicament; also, sacrifice up to six months not adding anything else on the card. Only maintain that single bill to pay.

In that manner, you build principles to maintain your credit lines and settle your bills responsibly. Besides, you could benefit from a boost in your borrowing capacity most often and thus boost the score by increasing the credit utilization ratio. With that, how to manage my credit card seems like an easy thing to do.

Immediately, the six-month stretch is complete; you’ve showcased your capacity to utilize a credit card properly. Then, feel free to buy large amounts with a credit card.   

You should limit a certain amount so as not to stretch beyond.  

For instance, you may contemplate a tour you often embark on; then consider using a credit card to serve only bills applicable to that specific travel.

Bear in mind: at any point in time, pay attention so you don’t exceed the limit—aside from that, it thus hurts your credit, and you may eventually pay additional charges.

3. Be conscious of the maximum value to spend

As it’s smart to monitor your line of credit, the same also, you should assign a maximum value for your spending. It controls your expenses, not stretching beyond what you’ve earlier planned.

As much as you groom yourself up with good financing principles and can adhere to them, there’s hope for a better chance. You can think of raising your debts a little more than the normal bills you could settle up conveniently every month. Remember: don’t lose control, and let that be less frequent.

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Only your wife and you understand your financial capacity, things you can control moneywise, likewise stuff you’re capable of buying. Also, you can have a VIP tour planned on your credit card. Or, you probably had a renovation on your lodging about to take place that you have to attend to very quickly.

You’re to prepare the above cases with forethought and make it far from usual.

Generally, you’d better plan a sending limit not beyond your monthly budget.  

As an illustration, assuming you can settle the $100 monthly on the credit card without struggle—after that, you could arrange a budget of $200 on the credit card.

Like that, you have the assurance to settle up the bill in the space of 2 months with no stress.

4. Make payments above your lower limits 

Still on how to manage my credit card! There’s no credit card with no extra time to pay your dues. At this span, you have the opportunity to settle the debts on your credit card and not include any interest rate. 

It doesn’t suggest you will not be able to have interest charges on the credit card beyond a month. Rather, it’s advisable to pay more than your lower limits.

The reason is that: In the case that you only keep lowering limits payments monthly, you’re likely to begin accumulating whopping interests. 

Examine an illustration of NerdWallet

Interest rates for footing your bills the complete amount due

From a second-class family level having a revolving credit card bear up to $6,081 debt. You’re open to benefiting from the most favorable interest reduction provided you top $100 to the least amount of your payment each month. 


A research on NerdWallet’s family dues (second-class family level revolving credit card bills) including Federal Reserve of St. Louis (normal interests)

Assumptions: Interests: 14.99%, Least amount to Pay monthly: $20 or 3% of the debt, any of this that’s more, Credit card bills = $6,081,

 As per a second-class family revolving credit card bill of about $6,081, in the long run, you may pay beyond $4,000 for interest through completing your lower limits payments. However, maybe you topped $100 monthly to the lower limits payments made, then your actual interest to pay decreased to $1,409.

Likewise, such interests make it very hard to pay in full the money owed on the credit card.

Besides, you may decide to do a balance transfer. You send in your total money owed on the card to another card that allows you to pay zero interest for a start so you can quickly settle up your bills in no time.

5. Always keep up with paying your bills on time 

When it comes to “how to manage my credit card properly,” it’s paramount you’re prompt to pay your bills. Banking records complete 35% of credit score; therefore, the customer’s banking records have the top share among the factors in determining a credit score

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What do you understand by that? 

It suggests merely a single late payment can cause so much hurt to the credit score you could imagine. It also makes creditors hesitate to borrow your funds.

Merely a single late payment can reduce a big credit score by 110 counts; anyone with a lesser credit score could experience a reduction up to 80 counts. 

As a result, always let this ring in your mind irrespective of all other good contributions you can achieve. Be prompt to pay the lower limit balance specified monthly.

Favorably, many businesses offering credit cards give the customer’s opportunity to opt for auto bill payments via their bank.

*Pay attention to this: There’s no way a credit card firm will record your debts to be overdue till it’s 30 days after the deadline. That’s extra time. Therefore, your credit score remains intact (can’t alter) provided that you pay up your dues before that time. Don’t forget that you have that grace of more time that doesn’t stop the credit card companies from adding charges for late payments on your debt.

6. How to manage my credit card properly? Control to the barest minimum your credit utilization

Credit utilization completes 30% of your credit score; it’s next to the top factor determining the score—the amount of credit you use at the moment.

However, if you reach the highest point of the credit limits, this reduces your credit score. It makes moneylenders believe you’re very certain to default on their loan.

Therefore, you must know how to manage my credit card properly. Also, make sure it’s always within the limit.

The vast majority of professionals on credit suggest you maintain the credit utilization to 30% or lower.

Maybe your borrowing capacity is up to $10,000 for your credit cards; try to maintain debts at $3,000 or lesser.

7. Observe how you use your credit card for a billing cycle 

Looking after your credit card statement is a good habit, if not the best. Likewise, carefully watching over actions on the card can assist you in noticing where you spend too much or any inaccuracies. 

Meanwhile, other than that, you should be alert to identity theft and fraudulent actions.

When 2018 rounds off, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) disclosed a “126% boost in susceptible customer’s information leaked out.” It suggests that customer data is a spotlight for identity theft and swindles with credits.  

The most appropriate strategy to end this is to watch your credit account carefully. Thoroughly check your credit reports, including the statements. This way, you’d be able to notice any illegal or invalid charges very fast.  

When you duly observe, a quick response can go a long way to getting rid of the problems faster than when you spot them a year later.

By now, you should know how to manage my credit card properly. 

Do you know credit cards earn cash from you? Check out how

Where the Credit card business gets more money from our interests.

Therefore, if you fail to settle your debts in full when expected, or maybe you have a revolving balance, the credit card business gains money from you.

Meanwhile, another aspect they generate a huge amount from is the charges paid by acquirers of their card and affiliate associates for business relations. 

Likewise, just as credit card firms will make sure you settle your debt sooner or later. You cause no discomfort to them by having a revolving balance. 

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However, rather than allowing the credit card companies to generate that huge amount of cash through you, there’s a method to profit at the expense of the credit card company. Some of the methods are making use of gift credit cards.

Gift credit cards are of diverse kinds; that which is very common is the one offering travel reward features to cover your expenses. Moreover, there are other opportunities to get more tour gifts or awards to make purchases. 

Added values to using a credit card

Maybe you have once been bankrupt before; you may see Credit cards as something to scare off or wouldn’t want to have anything to do with it. However, credit is very necessary; it’s something you can’t do without. Also, when you use a credit card responsibly, several rewards you can’t resist await you. Let’s examine the benefits.  

The opportunity to establish or rehab credit

All your activities on credit cards are forwarded to the credit reporting agencies. Therefore, once you’re able to use the card safely, it’s certain to increase your credit score. Also, establish a positive credit report. When you achieve a significantly high credit score, possibly you could benefit from the most favorable interests for credit cards.

Gifts and Points

There are credit cards you can’t expect to receive gifts, particularly when you require an insured authorization card that consents to those certainly to default on a loan. Moreover, suppose you can get any that allows airline, discount, or purchase gift. In that case, you can make cash, preferably to lavish it.


You have full assurance when you own a credit card to serve you for contingency, particularly if you are like the millions of US occupants living with nothing in the account. As the money enters, the same goes out full.


Many cars hire, and guesthouse businesses need credit cards to allocate their lodging or cars. A number of these establishments use a debit card to book; however, they’d prefer a verified credit card at hand if you owe additional fees.

Monitor support features for credit

Many credit card companies enable monitoring features that notify customers if there’s a case of any spurious moves under suspicion. However, maybe you don’t benefit from these notification features; moreover, keeping an eye on your account summary once a month is a nice avenue to enjoy that. 

Conclusion: how to manage my credit card?

If you intend to build or improve your credit, Credit cards are a good strategy. Understanding “how to manage my credit card properly” is paramount for every credit cardholder.

Although you once experienced bankruptcy in the past, you still have hope to boost your credit score by cultivating good practice toward it. Moreover, you can only make significant progress if you’re willing to properly use your credit card and abide by the game’s rules.   

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