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Good to have you reading Lexington law firm reviews, one of the best credit repair companies in the credit line of business.

In this article, here are some of the points you’d learn about Lexington law firm reviews.

  • A brief about Lexington Law Firm
  • What does Lexington Law Firm do? 
  • Lexington law firm credit repair scam
  • How to register Lexington Law Firm  
  • Lexington Law Firm’s Service Packages, amongst others

That’s not the end if you have a poor credit score, there’s hope. Contact Lexington law credit repair services today for assistance. All you need to know about Lexington law credit repair services are in this article: Lexington law credit repair cost, Lexington law client reviews, how to register, and the various packages available to customers. 

Now, Lexington law firm reviews in detail… 

Lexington Law Firm Reviews
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Lexington Law Firm

Over $89.85 monthly

Lexington Law Firm started to work as a credit repair service in 2004; the company includes among the top-ranking dignitaries in the credit repair line of business, with a track record to have successfully aided members remove negative items from credit reports up to millions in number.  

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A brief about Lexington Law Firm?

Some of the best credit repair companies to consider is Lexington Law Firm, while the company has its headquarters in Utah.

The company is a group of experienced legal practitioners with legal assistants practicing law all the back to 1991, now decided to include credit repair business on the Net as of 2004. The company had come up with its specific procedures suited so that everyone could bear the expense of hiring a legal-aided credit repair. 

Within the first three centuries of Lexington Law Firm’s active participation in the credit speciality, they already account for many customers, also known to have deleted all kinds of inaccurate negative information from the credit reports.  

You pay Lexington Law Firm a certain amount of money every month while they manage to dispute any unusual negative information from the credit report. Provided that the negative item can remove successfully, you should see progress with your credit.

Several customers reported good comments as stated in several Lexington law firm reviews.

 Lexington law group 

Have you heard about lexington law group? The legal advisers at Lexington Law Group are very knowledgeable taking legal actions on complicated public interest complaint. Lexington law group commits to defending consumer’s right with society.

What does Lexington Law Firm do? 

Lexington Law Firm does its job assisting customers in raising their credit scores and can achieve this by removing incorrect negative information from credit reports. Lexington Law Firm is a credit repair company; also, as a company practicing law, charged with the responsibility to assist the public in dispute items on a credit report and increase credit.  

Similar to all credit repair companies, any issue as to improving credit that you were unable to fix alone, Lexington law firm is unable to do likewise. The company has a good reputation, reviews and can improve credit more efficiently if you’re occupied elsewhere or wouldn’t like to improve credit alone.       

Lexington law firm credit repair scam

Lexington Law Firm is legit and has no plans to defraud you. Also, this is obvious from various Lexington law firm reviews. The process a credit repair service commits to do the job and enlighten customers towards increasing credit does involve a long-term effort. 

How to register Lexington Law Firm  

Register for Lexington Law Firm credit repair services is as simple as ABC—browse the company’s official web pages, then register for the briefing of your credit report (commonly identified as consultation). Note that you don’t pay anything for the consultation; it’s free. 

48 hrs count from when you register Lexington Law Firm credit repair services on the Net. A co-worker at Lexington Law credit repair services gets in touch with you before he commences with the procedures to credit repair. After registration, use the Lexington law firm client login to access your dashboard straightaway. 

How Lexington Law Firm operate to repair credit?

Immediately after you register for Lexington Law Firm credit repair services, the workforce starts to find a solution to your specific case on credit. This personnel takes the first step by checking credit reports carefully from the three major credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Check Credit Reports thoroughly: Credit Repair process.

During the credit repair process at Lexington Law Firm, the company, together with you, examines the credit report and then looks for any item that impacts your credit score. The FCRA statute instructs credit reporting agencies to report no other than genuine, provable, and correct items. If the three major credit bureaus are unable to do as described (that is, report only genuine, provable, and correct items), the negative information on the credit report should delete.

Submit Dispute Letters: Credit Repair process

After reviewing credit reports, the personnel in charge then commences work to submit dispute notes to the aimed moneylenders or credit reporting agencies to validate improper charges and late payments. The inaccuracies observed with the credit report determine where the firm address the dispute letters to.

If negative information showing on your credit report is a false item or meant for a different person, they would certainly submit the initial dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies responsible for reporting the information.

When Lexington Law Firm has successfully disputed the entire information, they are to exercise patience for replies.

Lexington Law Firm goes over the above procedure again, pending when it sort out the case completely. Otherwise, the company keeps submitting these cease-and-desist letters for your sake on the category of services paid for. 

Additional work      

While carrying out the exercise, the firm assists with more work on your behalf, like credit checks and credit mentoring. Sign in on your dashboard online that links customers to the new credit report monitoring and helpful materials to take steps to improve credit scores.

If you doubts certain things or need to be cleared few questions,

Feel free to reach out to personnel at Lexington Law Firm through telephone, messaging, or email.

Moreover, assuming that you register any of the premium packages at Lexington Law Firm—that is, Premier plus or Concord Premier—expect to benefit from more services like you can see your credit inquiry on your dashboard. Also, you don’t spend more money again every month for any other check on your credit reports by the company.

Lexington Law Firm’s Service Packages

Expect three tiers of the package here at Lexington Law Firm, all intended to meet the requirements of any member for credit repair, but such an individual has to pay charges every month. 

Before registering at Lexington Law Firm, the firm carries out a briefing of your credit report for free (known as consultation); any Lexington Law Firm management representatives do it.

The briefing assists customers in determining whether it’s worth registering with the company or not. Likewise, it’s an avenue to know the package that’s most appropriate to use:   

Premier Plus: $129.95 per month. 

The most expensive of Lexington Law Firm is the Premier Plus plan, meant for those requiring the most aggressiveness with credit repair. The package adds all the features from the other two packages. Moreover, you have access to details about your FICO® score monthly, including money management aid and identity theft.   

You may have suffered identity fraud; therefore, the Premier Plus plan is what you should opt for since the package has security against identity; likewise, an insurance plan for it is also expensive. 

Concord Premier: $109.95 per month. 

The intermediate option of the three packages available to customers at Lexington Law Firm is Concord Premier, while the company can make contact with the credit reporting agencies or lenders.

Notwithstanding, you can also benefit from credit monitoring, which makes it possible to notify customers once there’s an alteration on their credit report, no matter how small. Besides, you may notice progress with your credit score record monthly, plus InquiryAssist.

InquiryAssist is a new feature meant to deal with pulls that are more than it’s necessary. Likewise, the tool targets customers requiring credit repair with a medium aggressiveness. 

Concord Standard: $89.95 per month.

Concord Standard is the company’s simplest package of all, while they reach out to either credit reporting agencies or lenders for your sake. (it’s referred to as disputed to the credit Bureaus). The Concord Standard should be most appropriate if you only need some assistance challenging a slight number of inaccurate items on the credit report.

How much to repair Credit at Lexington Law Firm

See the price range for the different packages up for grabs at Lexington Law Firm:

  • Premier Plus: $129.95
  • Concord Premier: $109.95
  • Concord Standard: $89.85

Advantages and disadvantages of Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law firm is preferable when looking for a credit repair service on the following account:   


There’s a provision for law practitioners 

Lexington Law Firm differs from others because it supports legal practitioners: any of the company’s staff is either a lawyer or related. By way of illustration, while Lexington law firm targets to repair credit, you have confidence they can handle the case properly and proficiently.

The cost of services is quite fair.

Suppose you are on a low budget, with $89.95 monthly. In that case, you may pay for Lexington Law Firm’s simplest plan, which is the Concord Standard: $89.85—that most suits nearly every person’s needs.

The higher versions of the plans are something you can afford, not that costly, just $109.95 & 129.95 monthly.

Good counselling

Lexington Law firm introduces a very lovely concept which we cherish about them; it employs a new method when it comes to credit repair—immediately you register to the company’s plan, then you can log in on your dashboard online, which makes available information and instructions with your current credit state. You may also wish to contact any reps through telephone, email, or chat.  

Enough expertise

Lexington Law Firm showed up as a company from 1991, though not until the year 2004 that the firm started providing credit repair services; on that account, the firm has been in existence for a long time to be trustable enough on the task.

Lexington Law Firm has assisted more than 520,000 customers to improve credit conditions and delete incorrect and doubtful negative credit report items up to millions when counted. 

A good relationship with customers

The company’s achievement tells of its excellence; meanwhile, it amazed me how the firm addresses complaints. The Lexington Law Firm report on BBB had no bad comments from customers; moreover, the company sent each by themselves; it also seems to be sealed with a good remark for patrons. 


No company is perfect; all have their strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, the same goes for Lexington Law Firm. The company needs to improve in a few aspects as follows;

 Poor grade (C) by Lexington law bbb  review  

Sadly, it’ll shock you that BBB does not license Lexington Law Firm, while they score the company with a C grade; that’s poor. Moreover, I commend the firm for its commitment to handle and make good of all grievances.

The cost arrangement can be misleading

As discussed before, Lexington Law firm offers three plans: Premier plus, Concord premier, and Concord standard, and the cost is as follows; $129.95, $109.95, and $89.95. Meanwhile, you’d find the three costs level to be worth it; likewise, it’s not as easy to examine the service that suits your request.

Additional fees that cover more credit reports because of the category of service

Perhaps what you can afford is Lexington Law Firm’s simplest package—Concord Standard.

With each credit report Lexington Law Firm checks, they ask for $14.99. Suppose you want to ignore paying the charges. In that case, you may consider asking for an annual free credit report by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion by yourself.

I don’t want to engage Lexington Law Firm, see other credit repairs to hire  

If you’re not okay with the services of Lexington Law Firm, do have a look at other best credit repair companies. Read the article on the best credit repair companies.

Below are a different respectable credit repair companies to consider:

Instead, you can make an effort to repair credit by yourself if you only have one or two negative items holding you back. But if you have multiple credit card accounts, personal loan accounts, and student loan accounts to deal with, we recommend you use professionals. For instance, lexington law credit repair services.

How fast Lexington Law Firm repairs credit?

Generally, Lexington Law Firm requires six months to improve credit. Remember that all conditions are not the same.

Another credit repair service that does improve credit with the complete 4-cycle of disputes that took only six months is white Jacobs & associates, a popular credit repair Austin, Texas company. 

You should start seeing positive changes at the initial 30-45 days count. Almost all credit repair Austin, Texas companies desire you to be their customer to the best that you can. 

Several individuals could notice significant progress in just 90 days, while many notice very good changes following six months; some may require one year seeing significant progress. Before achieving significant progress, use the instruction available on the online website to figure out the credit.

Some instances take that long to see positive changes due to several identity thefts that require more than one letter to address.

However, you have to understand that it may take too long to notice your target’s significant changes. Also, there’s no 100% assurance for changes in the score. On occasion, despite the negative information being verified, you may still have it stay on your credit report.

In the long run, if you can achieve a 770 credit score, that’s great. A 770 credit score is a very good FICO score. Or, put this way, if you were able to achieve any ranging from 750 to 850, the possibility of getting credit cards and loans is high. Better again; you can get very low interest to pay, with some other conditions on loans and other alternatives.

Hope to get a reliable loan service? Check Ace cash express; it’s a time-honored loan establishment with other variants, had started operations in 1968. Likewise, the firm offers title loans and debt payment resources, with its main office in Irving, Texas.

Conclusion: Lexington Law Firm reviews

It doesn’t matter if your credit is low; the credit repair company should assist you in making better investment plans.

Lexington Law Firm reviews is among the best for credit repair companies; meanwhile, we strongly suggest you check out Lexington Law Firm.

Virtually all credit repair companies offer the same solutions; few consider law practitioners included in their services to aid members.     

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