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  • Sky Blue Credit Payback scheme
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  • Sky Blue Credit advantages
  • Sky Blue Credit Google reviews: Customer’s remarks about Sky Blue Credit?
  • If Sky blue credit is worth to be among the best credit repair companies  

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Sky Blue Credit

$79 for each month

Don’t miss out on Sky Blue Credit’s exclusive treats; customers can take advantage of a special 90-day guarantee for Repayment, a responsive call center, and a fair billing system. Learn more in this sky blue credit reviews.

Sky Blue Credit company had a high grade by Better Business Bureau, precisely an A-plus.

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Sky Blue Credit Reviews
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A Brief about Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit is among the first batch of credit repair services to operate in the business. The company has long existed way back in 1989. Therefore, they have considerable experience.  

Sky Blue Credit stands out because of its special high-tech design, the company’s online browsers, and help desk section.

Sky Blue Credit Repair conforms to all (CROA) Credit Repair Organizations Act procedures. This particular statute “disallows inaccurate or untrue items” and insists on credit users’ complete honesty. Moreover, Sky Blue Credit Repair is certified and authorized by the chief legal advisor. 

 How much does credit repair cost at Sky Blue Credit? 

If you’re a new customer at Sky Blue Credit, prepare for an initial commitment of $79; after that, immediately after the first check on the report is successfully carried out, then you’re to pay a charge every month of about $79 until the time you either abort the service or take a break.

Apart from that, Sky Blue Credit repair does not ask for any other extra fees for the added services.

  • Transparent pattern for costing
  • A fixed first work charge of $79 
  • Tariff of $79 every month 

Besides, Sky Blue Credit helps achieve that by tapping the icon on the homepage; it should be the easiest feature to use here.  

Meanwhile, a good aspect of Sky Blue credit is that customers are waived off the monthly fee the first month they pay the first work charges. But, a month following this first work fee, you have to start paying the monthly charges. 

Another giveaway customers here at Sky Blue Credit get is money-back offers —perhaps you’re able to register; you pay $119 for the monthly fee and $119 as the first work charge. 

90 day guarantee for Repayment (Sky Blue Credit Payback scheme)

After hiring Sky Blue for a credit repair service, you got displeased; once you can tell the reason for that to Skyblue management, you’re eligible to get a repayment with the 90-day guarantee support.   

These are the conditions on the Sky Blue Credit website:

Note that the company’s payback scheme becomes invalid at 90 days starting from the day you register. The money-back is not more than the amount earlier funded to the company at the initial 90 days from when you register with Sky blue.

At Sky Blue Company, there’s no limit to the duration one can be a member. 

Nothing like waiting for some time before the money-back guarantee starts counting. It’s instantly after. 

No conditions like one removal, which can make the money-back guarantee invalid.

These terms on money-back guarantee spell out above are as well provided here.

Sky Blue Credit advantages  

Has a high rating by Better Business Bureau

It’s rare, particularly in this line of business, to get an excellent remark from the Better Business Bureau. It shows how reliable and respected Sky Blue is.

 No service, no assistance? You can’t pay

After having a briefing about the service free of charge, then the workforce at the company concludes chances of increasing your credit score are zero. They’d inform you about this; they can’t ask you for money despite that.

Starts the repair immediately

Immediately after you register, Sky Blue Company begins with the first steps to dispute negative pulls on the report—the firm disputes 15 items for each 30 days interval.

90-day guarantee for Repayment

Perhaps the company did not meet up to your expectation; feel free to request a refund—it’s your right to do so. 

Track progress online

The company’s online presence makes it easy for customers to watch over any positive changes with their credit, make payments, cancel the service, or even take a break with just a tap.

Straightforward estimated Cost: With $79 paid each month, you’re guaranteed to rebuild credit reports on your behalf.

Don’t trick customers with deceits! 

The workforce at Sky Blue Company doesn’t deal with payments; in that case, you can’t encounter a staff at Sky blue credit using forceful sales tricks or compel you to make a purchase that’s of no use to you. 

Access to credit reports for free

Contrary to different credit repair services, this particular company under consideration does not require a regular monthly fee. Also, more credit reports are required to inquire.

No departments for legal aid

Generally, it’s rare to see a law assistant or department for legal aid with credit repair companies. Moreover, a few individuals are okay with the delight of hiring firms as Lexington Law enables.

What Sky Blue Credit does for the credit repair process?

The company serves the public with poor credit or credit problems requiring assistance to increase credit scores.

Sky Blue provides a complete solution that includes keeping track of your credit and repairs. Also, equipping you with proper counsel to keep the credit score increasing.

Customers get Credit reports.

Before anything else after registration, you should keep to the directives on how to get credit reports for free—then the company checks the credit reports provided by the top three credit reporting agencies; Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax

Where get your free credit report very fast: 5 steps

Carefully check the credit reports

As soon as you get the credit reports, the company carefully checks, figures out the items to dispute, and pinpoints them. 

Sky Blue experts don’t ignore slight issues on a credit report; they had credit for that, while they understand rules about credit and how to properly dispute such.

A simple Guide reading credit report for beginners

For instance, moneylenders can’t continue reporting money owed after they hand it over to debt collectors—therefore, the credit repair company then reviews the credit report carefully for duplicate accounts. 

The briefing offered by Sky Blue for free

After which Sky Blue carefully checks the credit history, the company then gets in touch with you to discuss how the service can turn out well.

And peradventure, Sky blue could not spot any issue, be rest assured you owe them nothing. They can’t even request any money from you.

On the other hand, assuming Sky blue credit Repair Company sees any problems on your credit report, you both glance through it word for word together. After that, they let you know what to dispute.

Besides, the Sky blue credit Repair Company reps provide you with useful tips for score increase and suggestions for credit rebuild.” For instance, perhaps Sky blue credit repair company perceives that credit utilization significantly impacts credit score; they may suggest you register a different account and then pay some part of the loan.  

Credit Check

The company resorts to an external credit company for checks. You’re not paying for this service separately as it’s part of what you pay for Sky Blue services. 

By the time you register to become a patron of Sky Blue Credit Repair Company, the management enrolls you for it without making payment—through that; you get notices if any item alters on your credit report.

It’s very considerate for those that had experienced identity theft or some other scam.

Sort out disputes

After you have already signed off on Sky blue credit repair services, the companies then send out dispute notes. After that, you have to dispute notes a second time for the whole information on the credit report that the company believes they’re able to delete.

Sky blue company later disputed 15 information (for every credit report, you have 5) every 30 days. 

How to dispute error on credit report easily: Follow 2 simple process

Submitting cease & desist notes

Besides dispute notes, Sky Blue submits one other letter, the cease-and-desist.

The papers notify moneylenders you are currently taking steps on credit repair; this interprets that the creditors have to discontinue writing the collection letters pending when the case is settled.

Special & fancy websites

Currently, Sky Blue has easy-to-use online websites created beforehand such that users can check positive changes with their credit whenever they feel to do that. 

Moreover, you may correct your data, dialogue with any technical support agents, or upload relevant files. That’s exactly the office you need to consult to either stop the contract with Sky Blue Company or have a break in just a tap.

Close of the contract with Sky Blue credit Company

Certainly, the company can’t neglect or delay you beyond that it’s necessary—when Sky blue perceives they have already done all they are supposed to as assistance, they tell you about it.

Sky blue system of enrollment is a monthly thing; you could stop the contract with the company whenever you wish to do so.

Other features

What makes Sky Blue different from its peers is its consideration of a few more packages at hand without spending money. 

Validate Debt

By the time you get collection letters on paper, by law, you have the freedom to query your money lender for debt validation—this credit repair company suggests you’re only able to try the method provided that you are eager to make payment for the loan or truly have confidence that the money owed on the credit report is incorrect or for someone else. 

Since debt validation could “bring about fresh and hard-hitting collection attempts,” Sky Blue uses this method carefully. And can only resort to it once you must have authorized it. 

Goodwill parcels

If you’re lucky, you can use a goodwill letter to remove repossession, late payment. Assuming your credit report has one or two late payments that lasted over half a year, the credit repair company can forward a goodwill letter after you’ve made some timely payments. The notes, in essence, are a plea to the moneylenders to delete the negative information on the credit report. Most importantly, don’t dispute you were responsible for it.

Cease & desist notes 

The credit repair company reports cease-and-desist notes to the moneylenders for your sake, deliberately to notify you that it is currently handling the steps to credit repair. In that case, they should discontinue the attempt for collection.     

That’s a different method Blue Sky company tries with all carefulness. Also, they can only go ahead with it if you allow them—the notes can cause a lawsuit or dispute provided that your lender believes there’s no more option to get their money.

Advice on Debt settlement

A very good assistance Sky Blue Company helps with is Debt settlement and making bargains. Perhaps you look forward to settling up a loan; the company can assist with how to do that.

Sky Blue Company tells if it’s possible to delete it or not. Likewise, the company can assist with an approach to bargain for a low payment.  

Learn how Sky Blue assist with bad credit? 

Sky Blue Company can assist with bad credit by taking serious action against factors impacting credit significantly.

Some of the greatest challenges with a credit history are the multiple inaccuracies. As said by Fair Trade Commission, not less than 1 out of 5 credit users have inaccuracies on the report.

Moreover, more than half of the errors badly impact credit scores. As soon as these errors are sorted out, many individuals notice credit scores increase beyond 25 points.   

By the time you subscribe to Sky Blue services, before anything else, they run through the credit report to check for errors—possibly the items are meant for a different person entirely.

The information may be incorrect names, accounts no longer in use, illegal accounts, etc. Determined by the inaccuracy Sky Blue sees on a credit report, they either reach out to major credit bureaus or your lender known to have informed about the credit account.  

Submit Dispute letters

The normal procedure is to submit dispute notes to validate that the account is yours.

Perhaps your lender or the credit reporting agencies couldn’t give evidence; in that case, they have no other option than to delete the item from the credit report. If the lenders then refuse the dispute, you should submit another more specific letter, giving convincing reasons that made you believe the item is not yours. 

Apart from the wrongly reported information, other information Sky Blue tries to find which should have vanished out of a credit report, like late payment—once its past seven years, many of such errors should drop from a credit report. Moreover, bankruptcies can stay there for 10.   

The rules specify that if a moneylender hands over the borrower’s account to the debt collector, either party should no longer report such. Sky Blue also checks for copies of such and then deletes it off the credit history.

In the end, the company further checks information they believe lenders may delete as a kind gesture.

Late Payments

Moreover, you’d see specific items; for instance, just a single late payment among a lot of the payments made promptly, which lenders, in some cases, remove. Assuming Sky Blue believes your credit account contains this information, they’d submit goodwill letters to the lender based on great customer experience.  

Only a single late payment can impact a consumer’s FICO score by 60 points, while items such as charge-offs and repossessions could impact the score as high as 80 points—that’s what makes removing enough negative information from a credit report to the best you can is profitable; also a quick method to increase credit score.

Apart from assisting in improving credit, the company also advises patrons on credit. Sky Blue Credit makes available a new guideline to repair and fix a credit score. The company’s web page also comprises good suggestions, facts, and help that even a layperson can understand.  

Sky Blue Credit can’t do the following for you;

Get this straight: you can’t see any credit repair agency operating compliantly with the rules to delete items that are checked and verified it’s correct. For instance, maybe you dispute the information; it’s their due responsibility to provide evidence you are truly responsible for the reported money owed. And in case they’re able to provide evidence, the chances to remove the item may not be possible.

In addition, it’s not possible to delete the valid inquiries— once a firm can justify the fact that you allow them to pull credit, it then stays on the report, and the creditors could notice it also. 

How long to repair credit at Sky Blue?  

Sky Blue begins with the procedures to dispute as soon as you subscribe to their packages; the lender has 30 days to address the disputes. Suppose they refuse to reply, the credit reporting agencies should delete the information.

Mind the following points;

The procedures for credit repair are not the same for each member at Sky Blue.

Perhaps at one time, you experienced a scam; in that case, the procedures may exhaust much time beyond normal or as you’d think.

However, most credit beneficiaries tell that they notice the items begin to drop in the initial 30 days. Along the line, these customers often notice positive changes for each month from that day onward.

It would help if you understood that in some cases, negotiations are held. For example, the situation might require you to make available more papers to address certain disputes; likewise, you can submit several parcels of disputes.

By the time Sky Blue perceives they already did their best for you, they’d come up straight to inform you, suggesting you close the contract.

Peradventure Sky Blue Repair Company did well at the initial cycle of disputes; you can see them conclude you don’t need any repairs further. Moreover, as the company submits new cycles of dispute notes for each 35 days interval, thirty days is insufficient to confirm whether that will be so or not.

Don’t forget that it’s not certain a credit repair company can truly increase a consumer’s credit score; zero off your mind on that, no assurance.

Meanwhile, Sky Blue claims over 20 years of background, which has enabled their new knowledge—the firm is experienced enough to suggest which information can delete. Moreover, they can’t influence the way moneylenders, including credit reporting agencies, address disputes.

Therefore, don’t make unrealistic assumptions when you eventually engage Sky Blue credit Repair Company.

How to register at Sky Blue Credit?

Whenever you are ready to hire Sky Blue credit Repair Company, browse the URL address, and tap the “start” icon. After registration, you’d get an email afterward with guidelines about getting your free credit reports. Also, access Sky Blue credit portal and use the sky blue credit login icon to continue.

Immediately sync the credit reports to the company’s website homepage; after that, they check the information thoroughly and then respond—all that shouldn’t pass 48-72 hrs.

And, maybe you’d wish to continue after the briefing without payment; they start with the first steps right away and then ask for the first work charges for the six days.

Also, take note: to stop the service is pretty straightforward. With your Sky blue account, you may decide to either stop the contract with skyblue management or have a break whenever you like.

Sky Blue Google reviews: Customer’s remarks about Sky Blue credit repair?

Sky blue credit repair complaints

Though the public criticized Sky Blue Company’s activities on the official web page of the Better Business Bureau, the company made amends for the criticism and gave the money back to the affected members. Nearly all these murmurs are from those having little or no knowledge of the procedures for credit repair.

Sky blue credit repair legit

One of the speakers on Consumer Affairs comments that he suggests Sky Blue Company to anyone he knows. Also, he applauded their effort as to the exemplary call center responsiveness, the customer experience in general, and the mind-blowing contract termination policies.

A different customer used the company’s tips on credit to pay the complete payment of a loan, reduce debts, and is eligible to get another credit. He says the company assisted in increasing his credit score by 200 points in just 12 months.

Some other members testified to the company’s performance that they assisted to increase credit scores sufficiently to get an apartment.

Score Increase: 554 – 710

Another commended with a significant score increase of 554 – 710. Moreover, the member had an unsecured credit card of $2500 (borrowing capacity).

Feel free to go over the company’s webpages and BBB portal reports for more sky blue credit reviews.

However, you may keep noticing those that exalt Sky blue’s exceptional technical support, great outcome, and quick responses. Day in, day out, credit users could see a significant increase in their scores, with more opportunities like low interests and allowance for increased loan capacity.

How to connect with Sky Blue Credit Repair?

It’s straightforward to connect with Sky Blue Company: Tap the orange icon for a free briefing on Sky Blue Credit Repair services.

Moreover, if you don’t want to register now, and have a few issues, reach via sky blue credit phone number at 888-969-0074.  

Final thoughts on Sky blue credit reviews

You may have recently experienced one or two challenges with your credit score; it’s not strange that just one late payment could make your credit score so worthless.

Besides, you’d find several credit reports having illegal or incorrect items. Now that you have a brief about skyblue management in this Sky Blue Credit Reviews, you’re left to decide to hire or not.

From our experience with Sky Blue Company, we believe it’s a good firm that can assist with credit increases.

With the good comments by reviewers and notable performance, Sky blue Credit Company sailed through our criteria for best credit repair companies reviews.

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